Antarctica voyages can vary wildly in price, length, weather, comfort, ship size, onboard amenities, destinations visited, included excursions, extra activity offerings and so much more. Don’t be overwhelmed – we can talk you through everything on the phone. If you prefer reading, head straight to our Learn pages for descriptions of variables that will impact your Antarctica cruise.


The travel season to Antarctica is approximately 5 months long from late October to late March or the first few days of April. Each of these months brings different prices, highlights and potential experiences for those intrepid travellers wanting to explore.

For example, very icy conditions at the beginning of the season mean you cannot reach the Polar Circle, however, the tradeoffs are stunningly beautiful and pristine landscapes as few people will have reached that spot yet…


After determining which month to visit Antarctica, you then need to decide which route and destinations you want to include.

Don’t worry, we will make this much easier than it sounds! There are four main routes that most operators follow – Classic Antarctica Peninsula, Antarctica Peninsula & Polar Circle, Antarctica Peninsula + Falklands + South Georgia, and Complete Antarctica. Special itineraries may include remote destinations like the Weddell Sea, South Sandwich Islands and Ross Sea…


Over 150 different ships travel annually to Antarctica. They range from small expedition ships with less than 100 passengers to giant ocean liners with over 3,000 guests – very different experiences!

Picking the right ship is one of the most crucial aspects of your Antarctica adventure. Only 100 guests can be on shore at one site at a time. This means for ships with over 100 guests, you should consider zodiac numbers and embarkation areas that affect wait times to get ashore…

Itineraries show voyage details, day by day schedules, inclusions, and operating ships. Departures display voyage dates, cabin costs, and ships for a specific itinerary.


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