About Us

North South Voyages is the cruise focused Antarctica brand of Latin America specialist – Travel Just 4U. Our company is based in Melbourne, Australia with an office in Delaware, USA and team members in various parts of the globe. We focus on customising journeys for our clients to Antarctica, Central America &  South America.

The vast majority of our travellers are repeat clients and referrals and we aim to keep it that way! Client satisfaction is our top priority and we are really proud of our traveller reviews. We work with a range of budgets and travel types, from solo travellers and couples to families and large groups.

Our team of specialists is multicultural, experienced, well-travelled and most importantly, very dedicated to client satisfaction. The company is led by travel industry veterans with than forty years of experience in operating tours, providing exceptional travel experiences and business management.

North South Voyage’s passion for travel is contagious and we’ll share it with you as we help craft your unique voyage!

The Team

The Emperor Penguins of Bellingshausen Sea

Remko Stikkelbroeck | Co-Founder & Managing Director

Remko was introduced to travelling at a young age and never looked back. In addition to Latin America, he has spent extensive time in the Caribbean, Africa and Europe and speaks four languages. Remko strongly believes that travelling should be more than ticking places off the bucket list. For him, the journey revolves around meeting locals and experiencing their way of life.

Antarctica Insight: Short on time? Fly + Cruise options make Antarctica a possibility for travellers with limited holiday time.

Animal Highlight: Emperor Penguins

The Great Adventure - Ushuaia to Montevideo

Kelly Swift | Managing Director – US Office

Kelly is based in the USA and has worked in the travel industry for over 14 years in a variety of roles. She lived in Africa for a year working with non-profit organizations. She helped with endangered animals and cleaned coral reefs on the Zanzibar coast; seeing firsthand the role tourism plays in emerging economies and helping endangered wildlife and lands.

Her passion is more than global travel, it’s sustainable tourism; especially experiences that help to educate and protect wildlife and marine life. With rapid climate change endangering our planet’s polar regions, Kelly is committed to helping travelers learn about, and get up close and personal, to one of the most amazing continents in the world, Antarctica. 

Antarctica Insight: Some Antarctica voyages offer scuba diving – this is a unique opportunity for divers but is only accessible on particular departures.

Animal Highlight: Humpback Whales

Emblematic Antarctica - with National Geographic

Sally Hall | Sales & Product

Sally is a true travel industry professional with many years experience as both an agent and agency manager. She visited 30 countries before turning 30 and has added another 8 to the total since. Her preferred way of exploring a new country is hiking. She has hiked through Peru, Nepal, Italy and even spent her wedding anniversary climbing a volcano in Guatemala.

Her favourite destination is Antigua in Guatemala because of the colourful city, kind people and amazing coffee. Sally loves creating unique experiences for our travellers.

Antarctica Insight: Antarctica can be affordable! For travellers with an open calendar and willingness to cabin share, some fantastic deals can be had for under $6,000 USD.

Animal Highlight: Weddell Seals

Sarah Thornton | Operations & Marketing

Born in the USA, Sarah visited South America for the first time when studying abroad in university. She returned shortly after and spent 5 years there, based in Santiago but travelling often. She fell in love with Torres del Paine National Park, learnt the language and tried as much food on the continent as possible.

She has yet to visit Antarctica herself. However, she manages our website and knows as much about the voyages, ship specifications and seasonality as anyone on the team!

Antarctica Insight: Sunsets in early season on the unsullied white ice, Oct to mid Dec, are absolutely stunning!

Animal Highlight: Albatross Chicks